• From a friend on blogger: Dreams, Desires & Destiny: The Poet In Me ,Inspired By You !

    Reasons are there, for me to care
    Don’t know why ,just ask your eyes
    Unexplainable though, but can’t tell you
    Aspirations fly with wings of desire
    The poet in me, inspired by you
    Smell of desire, my love on fire
    Burning with passion and love on a ransom
    Would you resist, the tempted temptation
    The beautiful eyes and the rhythmic steps
    Couldn’t resist your hugs and kiss
    The will to care ,when love was there
    Left weak on knees to see you honey
    I did try, but couldn’t reply
    In shadows of happiness, I still cry
    Here I am with strength and wine
    Celebrating love and killing the pain
    I ditched the pain, sweet poison remains
    An unknown road, in memoirs I galore
    Can’t let go, my feelings on go
    Sanitizing me, for sanctity
    Burnt pictures of you, the heart remains.
    Inflated spirit ,asking  for more
    Do you know , now I love you more
    Days are there ,but nights are gone
    We talked on phone till wee of dawn
    Soft breeze surfaced, as I would breathe
    Beats are there ,the heart is gone
    Smell of your scent and solitude
    In a full moon to see you soon
    Life ran a mile ,I left with void
    Emptiness surrounds, weighs thousand pounds
    Love ain’t a crime ,it's always divine
    Forged harmless lies ,when truth had defied
    Still sweet and sane, no one left to blame
    With attire of words in a robe of love
    Etched every stone, carved out your name
    Just to explore,how deep it goes 
    Acceptance of loss,wins battle of love
    Still dream of rain, in her arms again
    To conquer the world ,with strength of love...
    « Milton Becerra.Alchemy of 9 dimensions »

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    Mardi 15 Mars 2011 à 09:50
    Marc Lefrançois


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