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    Our first World Anti Chemtrail Day Event originally took place the 20th of November, 2010. A second happening was immediately arranged(this one) because of the great success of the last and intense interest in the subject aroused by the new documentary film "What in ...the World are they Spraying".

    This invitation marks a day where we have the opportunity to locally create a chemtrail-awareness event. Through our synchronization, we can reach people and politicians globally.

    Please share your information, with an introduction to the issues, and a presentation of the film:
    "What In the World Are They Spraying?” This new film gives you a well researched taste of what we are fighting for!

    ...http://www.youtube.com/wat<wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr> ch?v=Z2kKfJPxLSc&feature=p<wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr> layer_embedded#!


    No matter where you live, Chemtrails are a source of concern. This is your opportunity to join forces with people from all over the world, who have the same concerns.
    One thing is crucial; contact your local media. This is vital to show governments and the public that we are organized globally, and that we are prepared and serious. Tell your local governments and media you want an explanation to this destructive activity, and if you are brave enough, demand that they stop! There is safety in numbers, so join up with as many concerned citizens as you can, and make this day count!
    Let’s create the *World We Want*
    Prepare prior to January 22nd, 2011
    -Make a flyer! Post it in local shops, message boards, or in neighboring mailboxes...
    -Make a conference (like planned in Oslo, Norway)
    -Make a concert? Fundraising is a way to raise awareness as well as money.
    -Write a letter to the local news paper, local government, stating what the event is about.
    -Ask to be interviewed by non-governmental radio station, prepare a short press release.
    -Make up your own party and celebrate all that we have, and all that we are :)
    -Make a march, like the members from Victoria, Canada, do!
    -Flash Mob Event
    -Flash Video
    -Theatre/Mime/Dance or Music happening
    -Arrange a showing of the documentary "What in the World are they Spraying" in your home, local restaurant, cafe, auditorium, theatre or other location.
    -Any other ideas are greatly welcome ♥

    The initiative is ours; the work is yours!

    Chemtrails derive from the word contrails, and are considered a tool for geoengineering.

    Remember the white condensation trail that used to follow in the wake of a jet? The trails we witness today are no longer dependant on atmospheric conditions to form, as they contain chemicals that are patented to expand and become cloud cover. The latest politically correct term is "consistent jet contrails", while "aerosol spraying" and "cloud seeding" also are being used.

    There are many theories why we are subjected to aerial spraying, and many people firmly believe our governments would not allow innocent people to suffer. If we look back, history persistently proves us wrong. As far back as the early 1940’s, the UK government began aerial spraying of chemicals on their unaware and uninformed electorate. When the Porton Down, UK spokesperson was asked if such tests were still being carried out in 2002, she responded: "'It is not our policy to discuss ongoing research"(1).

    What is a modified cloud?

    First of all; there are many ways to modify clouds. One technique is called cloud seeding. This has been going on globally for years, and is commercially used as a fix for many countries already. In the Alps of South Island, New Zealand, for example, cloud seeding is carried out to assure adequate snowfall for the skiing season. Also in Tasmania, Australia, it has been used for years to increase the amount of rain for crops. While the clouds that bring rain and snow fall can be controlled, the use of cloud seeding is not controlled or regulated in any way as yet. Recently, it was suggested to be linked to the drought in the other half of the island, which is a repeated issue. Any direct link to nearby droughts is impossible to prove. What is for sure is that the distribution of the water is being manipulated. The Chemtrails themselves are creating the whole cloud, and layers of clouds. These "new clouds" are shown on NASA's new map of contrails as naturally occurring clouds. That is a bit weird isn’t it, as a contrail actually isn't a real cloud?

    What is the content of the Chemtrails?

    Again, facts and research can get confusing, as we do not have a jet that can fly up to take samples. But thousands of water and soil tests around the globe show increased amounts of heavy metals and unknown biological materials. The samples commonly show incredible amounts of aluminum and barium, but are not restricted to these. The biological material can both be genetically modified, like the (disease) "Morgellons" or other bio-toxic agents falling down to earth with the chemtrail particles. Don Croft, an anti-chemtrail activist, has used Nicola Tesla's "cloud buster" to make a "chem-buster". He says Chemtrails particles are held together by positive ions, as a gas called orgon. His chembuster transforms the charge of the ions from positive to negative.
    On HAARP's web page, they confirm how the ELF only works on positive ions, which naturally and continuously vary in amount. In other words, they will have a need to create more positive ions; hence the recent proliferation of Chemtrails?

    Why modify clouds?

    The Center Pointe Learning Academy publishes books for children where Chemtrails are shown as a healthy, yet obviously man-made attempt at "sun screening the earth"(3). The ideas belong to the deceased father of the hydrogen bomb, Edward Teller. He suggested that by increasing the amount of disturbances in the atmosphere by 0.5% - 1%, the sunlight might be reflected back out in space, and therefore not warm the planet. According to American governmental sources (which happen to be funding Teller’s work) this scenario means the oil and gas consumption can continue uninterrupted.
    Some suggest Chemtrails are a part of a radar system, which in the eyes of history makes a lot of sense. Aluminum particles, or chaff, was used to obscure the enemy’s radar system during WWII. When used in conjunction with HAARP's electromagnetic waves (ELF), it creates an atmospheric communication system that will function despite an electric break down.

    Why are we concerned about this?

    The main reason people are concerned about Chemtrails started with the direct personal experiences reported by millions of people online. Many of them seriously involved, many just asking what was happening, and many reporting. Wherever the spraying happens, a certain pattern of reactions occur (please help me fill in the blanks here):
    ** There are "trails" in areas where there are no regular flights
    * The sky is stripy from trails, or has stripy clouds, or cirrus clouds
    * The planes are observed changing directions or making patterns
    * There is a haze in the air, not caused by humidity
    * People get sick! Often with a range of symptoms similar to the common flu
    This is a link to the "swine flu" vaccination program, which was revealed as a hoax by the journalist Jane Bürgermeister, who is taking the FBI and the WHO to court. Her case is up in Austria as we speak (mid September 2010)
    * People wake up with dry throats and lose their voices
    * Allergic reactions increase
    * There are no birds or insects about; it is very quiet
    * Plants may die, for no other obvious reason
    * There might be rainbow colours in the clouds (!)
    * Trails are created at night and intended to drift over the city
    * Trails occur in Perth, Australia, which does not naturally have contrails at all, apparently since their constant extremely low humidity won’t allow it.

    Weather changes

    Weather modifications intended for warfare was banned by the UN in the 70’s; this gives us an idea how long ago this technology was developed, and also; where this technology probably is today. What is for sure is that unusual weather patterns often occur after chemtrail observations. In Otago, New Zealand, there has been 7 weeks of Chemtrails covering our skies, followed by floods and earthquakes. A massive storm, (the biggest ever and the size of Australia!) roars at sea south of New Zealand.
    From links to Russian national news papers we read that most Russians actually do believe the fires this summer (2010) was caused by American weather modification (4). We know there was very high chemtrail activity in some of the surrounding areas prior to the fires (Norway, Sweden and Denmark). This scenario was then followed by floods in other surrounding areas.


    I am not trying to convince anyone about Chemtrails, but I am trying to awaken curiosity, the will and the need to explore the subject for yourself.
    As always with governmental secrets, nobody will admit to know anything about it. From the German magazine "Time and Space" article by Gabriel Stetter, we know that the citizen concern was awoken early in 2000. Greenpeace has been called upon to deal with the issue. We also know there are various answers to why they won't deal with it, depending on which branch or country you contact. Link; http://www.holmestead.ca/c<wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr> hemtrails/r+z-gp.html
    Please find out the truth for yourself, and if you think like us, join our World Chemtrail Awareness Day 22.01.2011 to provide a path for united public outcry!
    LINKS to great information; to be continued ♥
    (1) http://www.countercurrents<wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr> .org/hurley240910.htm
    (2) http://www.youtube.com/wat<wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr> ch?v=EvjeK2RPMMg

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